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You Don’t Have to Be Hot (In Fact, it’s Better if You’re Not)

This morning, only the second time this month that free time and general physical health have coincided with the weather not snowing, I went out and ran around outside for exercise. I got out between rain showers (yay!) but it … Continue reading

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Notes from Mother’s Journal: Shopping

Shopping I It was interesting reading your comments on yesterday’s raincoat post. So many of you went the modification route – tailoring, rubbing with tallow (?), rigging it so that I could have the coat I wanted AND the coat … Continue reading

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The Not Raincoat

A few weeks ago I was near downtown New Westminster, alone, and decided to go into the Grand Central Consignment store. It is a store that stocks clothing in sizes 10 and up and its selection of giant shoes is … Continue reading

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My Body – My Self – My One Pair of Pants

Sheila, way back in the way back of late 2010, suggested a post topic, “How did your body change after child birth? What surprised you? What didn’t?” Since I just got done digging out a stack of clothes I am … Continue reading

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Ten Splendid Things About Fall

Hey, you might love summer so much you are weeping into your chardonnay right now because the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have suddenly gone all crayon-box on us. But I also know at least some of you love … Continue reading

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