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Notes from Mother’s Journal: Shopping

Shopping I It was interesting reading your comments on yesterday’s raincoat post. So many of you went the modification route – tailoring, rubbing with tallow (?), rigging it so that I could have the coat I wanted AND the coat … Continue reading

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My Body – My Self – My One Pair of Pants

Sheila, way back in the way back of late 2010, suggested a post topic, “How did your body change after child birth? What surprised you? What didn’t?” Since I just got done digging out a stack of clothes I am … Continue reading

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Notes From Mother’s Journal: Let’s All Learn to Walk on Our Hands Edition

I have important information to share about how to space your children. Well, not *your* children. I don’t know what’s best for you. I only mean, child spacing in general. If you are one of those people who sits around … Continue reading

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Maybe You Had to Be There

I was a choir kid. Not show choir. Not Glee (really not Glee) – but boring, standing on risers choir. Sopranos and altos choir. I was a soprano until I was an alto. Who says girls’ voices don’t change. I … Continue reading

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Notes from Mother’s Journal: Burn Those Shoes

Along with dolls that whine at you and Kraft Dinner Flavoured Crackers, today’s thing I don’t understand: squeaky shoes for children. Not shoes that squeak; I used to have a co-worker whose shoes were creaky, like an old door, which … Continue reading

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