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Post 3225, Which Count Includes 80 Drafts You’ll Never See

I didn’t mean to be gone so long from here. There is so much I want to say and I have no words. No, I didn’t get a book deal or a job. I’m not having another baby, or getting … Continue reading

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The Bag

What’s in the bag? What am I carrying with me right now? What can I let go? Gwen Bell asked this personal question for reflection and this morning, just out of bed, I reflected on it. It’s apropos because I … Continue reading

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You’ll Like It When You Get There

Today was Fresco’s day to be special helper at school. This involves: bringing something for show and tell, helping the teacher get everyone’s snack, ringing the ‘cleanup triangle’ and possibly other rituals I am not aware of. What Happens At … Continue reading

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Writing Like I Talk

I drink a lot of coffee. Well, not a lot. Two cups in the morning, sometimes a third if it’s a special day. Oftentimes I have a cup of tea in the afternoon. Black tea, that is to say, no … Continue reading

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I hate being read to. I know, I’m supposed to love it. People love it. I saw a facebook post years ago that listed ‘reading to your partner’ as the biggest turn on of all, even more than doing the … Continue reading

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