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In a comment on my last post, Jana said, I am just going to ignore everything except the one about cuddling because I am trying to survive the SHITSTORM THREES over here and if you’re telling me that four is … Continue reading

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Notes from Mother’s Journal: Uphill From Here, in A Good Way Edition

The first day of Christmas vacation was not the best day of my life. I felt like I was getting a cold; the kids have both been sick and now have those clear-the-room coughs; we had nothing to do and … Continue reading

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For Posterity

Supper table. Both children and I, eating. Each child has a glass of water and a glass of apple cider. Non-alcoholic. Trombone: When I’m done this apple cider, can I have more apple cider? Me: No. Trombone: Why not? Me: … Continue reading

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The Bag

What’s in the bag? What am I carrying with me right now? What can I let go? Gwen Bell asked this personal question for reflection and this morning, just out of bed, I reflected on it. It’s apropos because I … Continue reading

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When Stuffed Animals Attack

I have a stuffed animal … problem. It wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have kids; I would have lots of room for my stuffed animal friends if I didn’t have kids. Har! But the problem is this: I … Continue reading

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