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We are the Great Hope

Yesterday, Canada had an election. Maybe you heard about it. Because I am on the West Coast, and the votes started being counted on the East Coast while we were still able to vote, I had to wait until 7:00 … Continue reading

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A Jerk is A Jerk, No Matter How Famous

People who hold positions of power are assholes. They may hold those positions for many reasons: merit, cheating, nepotism, luck. But it is rare to see a person in power who deserves the power and associated privileges he or she … Continue reading

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Ten Splendid Things About Fall

Hey, you might love summer so much you are weeping into your chardonnay right now because the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have suddenly gone all crayon-box on us. But I also know at least some of you love … Continue reading

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The Bad Boyfriend

Disclaimer: I really prefer reading (and writing) blog posts about politics that have links to back up the crack-addled things they say. Given time and energy constraints, however, we’re going to need to agree for the purposes of this post … Continue reading

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What Else Can I Say?

Dear Fresco, You are nine months old today. Thank you for choosing to celebrate by finally napping for longer than 30 minutes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. love, yr. mother (sound of weeping) ps: that thing where you shout … Continue reading

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