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Notes From Mother’s Journal: Food is Good

I had an abdominal ultrasound this morning at 10:30 to see if there are aliens or fairies in my belly causing the weirdness of last week. In advance of this ultrasound I could eat no fat for 24 hours before … Continue reading

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I Am Not Pregnant. You Are All Relieved.

It was this past Wednesday morning and I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. First thing I did was remember the last Wednesday morning in August when I had felt sick, that day that brought to my attention the … Continue reading

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What Else Can I Say?

Dear Fresco, You are nine months old today. Thank you for choosing to celebrate by finally napping for longer than 30 minutes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. love, yr. mother (sound of weeping) ps: that thing where you shout … Continue reading

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