The Bad Boyfriend

Disclaimer: I really prefer reading (and writing) blog posts about politics that have links to back up the crack-addled things they say. Given time and energy constraints, however, we’re going to need to agree for the purposes of this post that I am one of those crazy but entertaining lunatics who rants freely about things that occur to her at 3 AM.

In other words, please don’t hate me because I have no cites to offer.

Most of you don’t know that I have been watching the New Beverly Hills 90210 since its premiere last fall. I was only going to watch one episode…but you know how these things go. Its ridiculous trashiness is balm for my frazzled brain. It features the usual assortment of characters: good girl with rebellious heart, bad boy with good heart, rich girl with soft heart, rich bi-polar girl with a blog (that’s a new one on me) and all the usual hijinks. Teen pregnancy, drug use, rich v poor, teacher romance. Rich girl falls for bad boy who treats her like dirt but she keeps coming back for more because she really thinks he’s into her, for real.

Some of you will know that on Tuesday our province is going to vote for a new leader. We have had our current leader, a Neo-Conservative False Liberal named Gordon Campbell, for two terms now. 8 years. He is a businessman who cares about businesses; big ones, little ones, government ones. He is not so fond of those who fall outside the business model; the poor, the sick, the addicted, the broken. His social policies, the policies his government has implemented since his reign began, have made the sad sadder, the downtrodden more so.

And yet. On Tuesday, I fear he is going to win again. Because he is the bad boyfriend. He is dark, brooding, two-faced, strangely compelling. He is confident and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him (except deep down inside where we long to see) and he talks the talk so well, with such authority, that we believe him, whatever he says. We believe he has the potential to be a better boyfriend than his competition, the sweet, shempy boy (the dear but non-charismatic NDP leader Carole James in this case) who has been hanging around being sweet to us for, like, EVER, but is totally safe and not as cool and not really boyfriend material.

That bad boyfriend’s self-confidence makes us believe that if we only gave him another chance,
just the benefit of the doubt, doesn’t everyone deserve that?
surely he can’t be completely heartless?
surely when he sees all the need, all the respect being given him…
he wouldn’t be able to just IGNORE it, slap it in the face, in favour of his own agenda?

Yes. Yes he can and he has done and he will again. He is going to have sex with us and not call for a week. He is going to stand us up at the restaurant. He looks great when he meets our parents but he is going to cheat on us and apologize with flowers and we will have no choice but to agree to forgive him because we let him move in and he’s on our couch and he won’t give up the remote control and he keeps saying “Get me a beer” and he seems meaner than before we invited him in but maybe all we need is more time to get to know him, to let him get to know us, to build a relationship, right?

Wrong. I think 8 years is enough. I think 8 years is long enough for someone to prove that he has our best interests at heart, that he has respect for the people, the actual PEOPLE, not the businesses or the leaders or the well-compensated MLAs, who make this province work. I think his time is up. That is my boot in your ass, Mr. Premier. Get out of my house.

And you know what, BC? You’re a great girl with a lot to offer. There are plenty of better fish in the sea.

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