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How to Survive November

The first few days of November, riding high on a wave of pumpkin pie and autumn leaves, we think, it won’t be that bad. This year, it’s sunny. This year, the air is apple-crisp! This year, there won’t be dark, … Continue reading

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Six Awesome Things About #bummersummer

It’s cold here, on the Lower West Coast of Canada. I am wearing pants, socks, a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and luckily I found my old, faithful maternity hoody in the trunk of the car because I was fahhhhhreeeeezing … Continue reading

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Who Invented the Shower: A Question I Ask (Almost) Every Day But Am Too Lazy To Google

Today in the bathroom at the berry farm, while I was holding the stall door closed with my foot for Trombone and feeling very highschool because of it, another mom with a babe in arms said something about regretting wearing … Continue reading

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Five Fairly Good Things About 2010

1. 2010 adds up to 3, which is a factor of 9, which is my lucky life number. So even though 2009 looked like a lucky year, in fact it was not. Because it added up to 2. 2? Fuck … Continue reading

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Ten Splendid Things About Fall

Hey, you might love summer so much you are weeping into your chardonnay right now because the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have suddenly gone all crayon-box on us. But I also know at least some of you love … Continue reading

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