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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It seems silly to write a day in the life post when my last post was kind of a summary of all our days but hey, ginger had a good idea and I’m joining. 6:05: Wake up, after a long … Continue reading

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I started writing this this morning while drinking coffee and thinking about how much I prefer snot to puke. Did you think that said “not to puke”? That is the first fundamental truth: I prefer NOT to puke. But if … Continue reading

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I Gotcher Bullets Right Here

Jeggings! Whenever I say the word ‘jeggings,’ SA squirms a little and kills a kitten. (no, not really, kitten-lovers) I was sort of ‘enh, things are weird in the world, see also: open toed booties’ but then I saw a … Continue reading

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Nobody Loves Me / Like Caillou Do

I use empathy as a tool with my kids. I use it because it works, sometimes shockingly well. But sometimes, I just can’t do it. Not even halfway. I am not interested in trying. I just want you to go. … Continue reading

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Since My Old Wiggles Post About Anthony Is Still Getting Comments, Here’s A New One

I think it is now worth mentioning that my younger child’s interest in The Wiggles has gone from “enh, they sing, I like that” to “let me at them, I need them, all the time” in about two weeks. It’s … Continue reading

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