I Gotcher Bullets Right Here

  • Jeggings! Whenever I say the word ‘jeggings,’ SA squirms a little and kills a kitten. (no, not really, kitten-lovers) I was sort of ‘enh, things are weird in the world, see also: open toed booties’ but then I saw a pair of real life jeggings on this neighbour girl, age 9 and they looked OK but then! then! they sagged in the crotch and there was this weird denim-looking clothing behaving like panty hose and so I added that to my list of reasons I will never wear jeggings, right behind that whole “10 lbs of apples in a 5 lb sack” reason. However, the Gap is selling them for $80 a pair so more power to you, Gap! Way to charge $80 for tights!
  • Preschool has started again and the change between last year’s timid, peaked three year old and this year’s confident, boisterous four year old is not to be believed. Trombone just goes a-bouncing in there, sits with his friends, begs me to set up playdates for him. These two girls followed us to our car today, I thought they were going to come home with us. The joy these kids displayed when they were reunited after a long summer apart could put to shame those posters of people kissing in train stations.

    You know the ones? “Last kiss in Paris” or something? Always for sale in poster shops and on campus the first week of class?

    I adore preschool. I adore the children and what they have done for my child and also I adore three mornings a week with just one child, whose civilizing is coming along nicely, thanks.

  • This morning Fresco and I went to the Burnaby and New Westminster libraries to return books and movies and take out new ones. Fresco was thrilled to find his old favourite, The Potty Book for Boys. I have not been pressing the issue of potty training with Fresco because he is stubborner than a sack of hammer-wielding donkeys and just as loud, but the internal conversation has gone somewhat like this:
    Balanced Me: He’ll come to it when he’s ready. Don’t push. Let it be his idea!
    Unbalanced Me: But what if he never comes to it! And I’ll be following him at his highschool graduation with a package of Depends!
    BM: Not going to happen. Everyone trains eventually. Remember all the advice you’ve absorbed…
    UBM: Absorbed! Like a SIZE 18 YEAR OLD DIAPER!

    Anyway I am excited that today is the first day Fresco has said “I want to wear underpants and be a big boy!” Let the games begin.

  • The City of New Westminster places hanging baskets of plants from lamp posts along 6th avenue. The plant outside the library is so long, it touches the parking metre. It tickled my cheek while i was paying for parking! Freakshow, City of New Westminster! Maybe less ivy next year!
  • I have been waiting months to be sure this is true: The Wiggles are dead to us. They are deleted from the PVR.
  • What are the kids watching? Fresco is obsessed like only a 2ish year old can be with They Might Be Giants’ “Here Come the ABCs” and “Here Come the 123s.” a fine example from that latter album can be enjoyed here Trombone, like everyone his age, apparently, is obsessed with superheroes. The closest he gets to superheroes is the occasional episode of Go Diego Go! but just today I picked up The Wonder Pets at the library and that went over very well. They Save The Day, which appeals to Trombone. They are singing animals, which appeals to Fresco. There is a duck, which appeals to me.
  • Last week I made the monumental decision to grow my hair out instead of getting it re-cut in my usual style. Because: it was cute, growing out. It was all wingy and flingy and good. Once I made the decision? It went bad. Now what.
  • For my bromance, I’m thinking: two guys who work as thieves, monitoring the Internet for vacationers and breaking into their empty houses, then in one such house they find two other guys who work as cops, posting fake vacation tweets on bait accounts and then catching the bad guys! And then, do they fall in love? Cancel each other out? Go on a road trip? Is there an earthquake? I’ve always wanted to write a Choose Your Own Adventure book for grown ups. Stay tuned.
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