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Bedlam Ends, With a Whimper And Some Cake

On Friday we went to the big mall to renew SA’s driver’s license. He had the day off for his birthday so we all went together in the afternoon after we ate our first (1st) cake of the weekend. (Mm, … Continue reading

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The Story of Saint Aardvark the Carpeted

He’s tall and neat well, taller than me and he only takes four point five seconds to pee. I used to sit in pubs and when he went to the loo I’d grab my pen I’d barely have time to … Continue reading

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To The Letter

Writing while crying, while laughing, while swearing, while my heart is still pumping from escaping, all those I have done. Writing while people talk to me, talk around me, look at me, look away. Writing with my eyes closed because … Continue reading

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How My Heart Was Won by a Woman in a Beige Polyester Skirt

Beth asked, who was the teacher who taught you the most, and what did you learn? There were two kinds of teachers in high school. (grade 8 -12) It may still be the case. The Pleasers were the teachers who … Continue reading

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ControverSunday – Open Topic of Controversy!

I didn’t forget it was ControverSunday today. I wrote it down in my prompt book and I was excited because there, a topic, already ready for me! Except it’s an open topic day. I was supposed to think of something … Continue reading

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