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Welcome to Our Humble Abode

Dear Saint Aardvark’s Parents, Welcome! It has been a long time since you stayed in our house because we have had both of our rooms full of children but now, having moved the children into one bedroom, we have a … Continue reading

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Oh Coffee, My Coffee

I am the child of two coffee drinkers; my mother was a nurse before she had me and drank coffee by the truckload, and my father is Italian. Enough said. In my childhood house, there was always espresso burbling from … Continue reading

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The Glory of Boring

A while back I mentioned to Saint Aardvark that we could ask my parents to look after the kids for a couple of days as a joint birthday present to us. He liked the idea. My parents liked the idea. … Continue reading

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The Story of Saint Aardvark the Carpeted

He’s tall and neat well, taller than me and he only takes four point five seconds to pee. I used to sit in pubs and when he went to the loo I’d grab my pen I’d barely have time to … Continue reading

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Under the Wire

An hour ago, Saint Aardvark said, “You have three and a half hours! Before the end of the day! To post something!” “Enh,” I said. I was on the couch, drinking wine, flipping channels on the TV. “Hm?” he said. … Continue reading

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