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I Have Seen the Gates of Hell

Yesterday, Trombone and I attended a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I wish to insert here that the birthday party was fun and I appreciate the invitation / pizza / cake / goody bag. I paid nothing for the … Continue reading

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On Five

Trombone, Tomorrow you are five. You were born quiet and thoughtful and you are still that child sometimes, but this year you found your voice. You have yelled and hollered and sung loudly and fought and screamed and wailed and … Continue reading

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A Thoroughly Short Post

Fresco. You are three today. 3. You weight 35 lbs and measure 38 inches and you are 3. Your older brother has been needling you for weeks, as brothers do. “Why don’t you try some Parmesan cheese?” he will say, … Continue reading

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The Story of Saint Aardvark the Carpeted

He’s tall and neat well, taller than me and he only takes four point five seconds to pee. I used to sit in pubs and when he went to the loo I’d grab my pen I’d barely have time to … Continue reading

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Annual Review: Year Four

I never knew how badly I wanted you until I saw that first positive pregnancy test, that first faint line. I went off to a meeting that day, an all-staff meeting. I was bored, but smiling. I had a secret. … Continue reading

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