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Dear Children, Even when you get up too early and sing all the time I can see, intellectually, that it’s a good thing. Much as I might want to sleep longer and have the world be quiet, I can’t help … Continue reading

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A Thoroughly Short Post

Fresco. You are three today. 3. You weight 35 lbs and measure 38 inches and you are 3. Your older brother has been needling you for weeks, as brothers do. “Why don’t you try some Parmesan cheese?” he will say, … Continue reading

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Babies do so much in their first year, it’s hard not to be constantly amazed by them. They start out all blobby and tiny. Then they roll over. They hold their heads up. They sit up. They babble. They walk. … Continue reading

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The Beach

Now that we live in the Mizzle, I no longer make a pilgrimage to Second Beach at English Bay. Vancouver beaches are too far to go with kids. One kid, maybe. Two kids, no. It’s OK, we have our own … Continue reading

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Greetings from The Other Side

You know I like lists. But I can’t bear to inflict on you the list of shit that has been going badly in the past X weeks so I will just say, I have not been handling it well. I … Continue reading

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