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My Grand Annual Tradition of Money-Wastery

I sure wish I had it in me to write something meaningful and profound today. But I don’t. We went to the PNE (a local, annual fair and amusement park) yesterday. While at the PNE I realized that going to … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese / You Saw Me Standing Alone

My in-laws left for their Ontario home this morning, after a very fun visit. Despite many reminders to take it with him, my father-in-law left a hunk of blue cheese in my fridge.* No one in this house eats blue … Continue reading

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Oh Coffee, My Coffee

I am the child of two coffee drinkers; my mother was a nurse before she had me and drank coffee by the truckload, and my father is Italian. Enough said. In my childhood house, there was always espresso burbling from … Continue reading

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How My Heart Was Won by a Woman in a Beige Polyester Skirt

Beth asked, who was the teacher who taught you the most, and what did you learn? There were two kinds of teachers in high school. (grade 8 -12) It may still be the case. The Pleasers were the teachers who … Continue reading

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Childhood Games

I was watching my kids play in the courtyard yesterday with Athletic Boy and Sidekick. Athletic Boy was doing mind-blowingly fast circuits on his scooter on the path that surrounds the grass. Sidekick was attempting to race but kept getting … Continue reading

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