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Decision 2008, Part III

Here in the Metro Vancouver we’ve got a civic election tomorrow. I was fairly uninterested, because we are not part of the exciting City of Vancouver race but then I saw in the local rag that the challenger for the … Continue reading

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Something for Everyone at: The Cheeseblog

Turned on the radio in the car today. Thought I was on the CBC FM and was half listening as I drove. Heard a host say, “So, uh, we know that drugs and alcohol play a part in making us, … Continue reading

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Cranky Rides Again

Elections make me cranky. Our Federal election is next week, a civic election sometime in November, I have no idea when, but I will be checking my excellent community papers for details. Next year is our chance to get our … Continue reading

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We Subscribe for The Articles

There is a small card jammed in the middle of every wonderful issue of TV Week Magazine. It displays a crazy knick knack for sale. You know; sandal pendant inspired by the “Footprints” poem (? – as in, is it … Continue reading

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Thursday Random Three

1. Locally (perhaps nationally): All manner of ice cream on sale at Safeway. Make haste. 2. For two years I have been watching “Scrubs,” once one of the funniest series on TV, sink like a poop-encrusted stone and tonight, with … Continue reading

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