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Something for Everyone at: The Cheeseblog

Turned on the radio in the car today. Thought I was on the CBC FM and was half listening as I drove. Heard a host say, “So, uh, we know that drugs and alcohol play a part in making us, … Continue reading

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He Ain’t Heavy. Snotty, Yes. Heavy, No.

Having grown up an only child, there are a lot of aspects of sibling-hood that I was in the dark about. Correction: am still in the dark about, as we are currently not even touching the tip of this particular … Continue reading

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The Reason This Blog Has A Category Called “Ew”

I looked at my referral logs today and noted that the following search string had led someone to my site: “infant welts on legs below diaper elastic.” Strange I thought, I have not blogged about the baby’s skin issues. OR … Continue reading

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Bathroom Notes

There is a metal box in old-style women’s bathrooms. It’s for used sanitary pads. It is often attached to the stall wall, next to the toilet paper dispenser. The metal box in the women’s bathroom at the small mall near … Continue reading

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As Liz Lemon Would Say: Blargh!

I just looked closely at the illicit, non-plastics-related contents of my keyboard. There’s a whole little world in there! In fact, I think I saw Frodo and Sam having the gay hobbit sex. When they saw me peeking, they pulled … Continue reading

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