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Something for Everyone at: The Cheeseblog

Turned on the radio in the car today. Thought I was on the CBC FM and was half listening as I drove. Heard a host say, “So, uh, we know that drugs and alcohol play a part in making us, … Continue reading

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Time Life Presents: The Toddler Years

Pardon me. I am a little crankier than usual today. Trombone got up at 6 am and has been acting like a real twit ever since. Thankfully I was up before him, writing in my sanity journal. This might just … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a Critic

I heard yesterday that come this new year’s eve, we we will see the last new episode of The Royal Canadian Air Farce. (which, for non-Canadians, is described at its website as a weekly comedy show offering a “…unique and … Continue reading

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Oh Facebook. You Sadden Me.

From my Facebook “news feed” which tells me who among my friends is SOOOO EXCITED FOR NEW YEARS!!!!!! or “tired of the dumb asses” or “watching TV,” comes this poignant piece of news: Joe Blowe (not his real name) updated … Continue reading

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This Goes Out to All The Punsters in the House

Dear Michael, I thought of this joke the other day. Then I forgot it, in part because it is terrible. Today I remembered it and so I feel obliged to dedicate it to you. Q: What was David Bowie’s job … Continue reading

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