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I Might Love Toy Trains A Little

I think the main appealing thing about the “I Love Toy Trains” videos is that the narrator is a kid. His name is Jeff and he is the son of the creator of ILTT (Tom McComas). We started with ILTT … Continue reading

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Time Life Presents: The Toddler Years

Pardon me. I am a little crankier than usual today. Trombone got up at 6 am and has been acting like a real twit ever since. Thankfully I was up before him, writing in my sanity journal. This might just … Continue reading

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Big Boy Bed Injures Local Mother

We had been thinking for a while about moving Trombone from crib to bed. On the reluctant side, my brain argued: – he’s fine in his crib! – he doesn’t complain or climb out or anything! (I really thought he … Continue reading

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False Advertising, or: Non-Sequitur Monday

For example: Cheez Whiz adds Personality. I mean, isn’t Cheez Whiz pretty much synonymous with bland, flavourless plastic? Is that the kind of personality you want on your celery (which, in itself is rather blah, though crunchy)? Was it the … Continue reading

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It’s Humour That Saves us From Eating our Fellow Humans

American Thanksgiving or this writer’s strike I’ve been hearing about ate my 30 Rock. 30 Rock is not on. I was sad, momentarily, to note this. But then I realized that The Incredibles is on in its place and now … Continue reading

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