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What We Don’t Inherit, We Get in the Mail

I read a piece in the Globe and Mail yesterday about in-laws. Apparently those old saws about mothers-in-law have been investigated and the findings are in; mothers are engineered to compete with their (sons’ female) mates. Whether or not this … Continue reading

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Next Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day!

So, y’know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. It is not that having children around makes you more sentimental, more craft-oriented, more likely to care about holidays (or is it “holidays”?) like Halloween. … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Know Me By Now

An additional argument to be made for knowing your partner very well before you procreate with him/her is so that a minimum of words and glances need be exchanged in order to communicate that Someone needs to make chocolate chip … Continue reading

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De-lated Thanksgiving

Last week on Thanksgiving we were at a wedding. My dear co-worker A married his sweet lady, Miss Mouse, and we ate scrumptious food and drank wine at a bistro downtown. Me and SA, that is. My parents and our … Continue reading

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I Met Those Old Ladies Today

A black one and a white one. Drinking hot beverages at a table at the New Westminster Farmer’s Market; last one of the season. I had walked to the end of the market, which was set up in a parking … Continue reading

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