If You Don’t Know Me By Now

An additional argument to be made for knowing your partner very well before you procreate with him/her is so that a minimum of words and glances need be exchanged in order to communicate that Someone needs to make chocolate chip cookies and The Other One is going to take the children out for a walk so that Someone doesn’t have to let the toddler Help. (I am not a cold, cruel individual and on a weekday this would be a toddler project but today is Sunday and I just want cookies, not a teachable hour and a half and butter all over the floor) This way no one needs to do any irritating spelling words out loud and anyway Trombone already knows the letter C and what it stands for thanks to that damn cookie monster so our game would be up pretty quick if we spelled out loud.

Did you know that Cookie Monster has no nose? If I had never had children, I feel certain I would have gone to my grave unaware that Cookie Monster has no nose.

The only challenge remaining is How Many Cookies Can I Make (and not consume) in the time it takes SA and our two lovelies to frolic in the so-called “Big Sand Park.” (Am assuming they did not go to a beach but to the baseball diamond a couple blocks away.) Have just cut down on valuable cookiemaking time by blogging. Drat.

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