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We got a rather large present for Trombone on the weekend. We bought him a kitchen. It’s wood and it doesn’t talk (there are an alarming number of talking, plastic kitchens for sale) it was in our neighbourhood, thank you … Continue reading

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De-lated Thanksgiving

Last week on Thanksgiving we were at a wedding. My dear co-worker A married his sweet lady, Miss Mouse, and we ate scrumptious food and drank wine at a bistro downtown. Me and SA, that is. My parents and our … Continue reading

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When Married Bliss Attacks

10 minutes ago. Saint Aardvark is looking in the fridge for lunch items. I am on the couch, drinking coffee. SA: Can I take this potato salad? Me: Yep SA: Cool. You can have the left over bean whatnot. Me: … Continue reading

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Needed: One Helmet, Large Toddler Size

The floor is so beautiful; the exact colour I wanted it to be. It has the effect on the room I wanted most – warmth. It works well to offset the floor-to-ceiling eggshell paint. But perhaps best of all, one … Continue reading

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…and, We’re Done!

edited to add: This was meant to be posted yesterday, nov 11, but the Internet at my folks’ house is a capricious beastie so you get it today. Strangely, now that there is a WIND STORM 2007 OMG PONIES! the … Continue reading

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