Needed: One Helmet, Large Toddler Size

The floor is so beautiful; the exact colour I wanted it to be. It has the effect on the room I wanted most – warmth. It works well to offset the floor-to-ceiling eggshell paint. But perhaps best of all, one less room in this house has inch-deep very-off-white pile carpet. No More Spores on This Floor!

I checked the receipt to see what kind of wood it is but it doesn’t tell me. I am pretty sure it’s maple or red oak; I do remember that it’s stained a colour called “Bourbon.” We bought it from a distributor in Surrey but the company that manufactures it is in Ontario.

It’s engineered hardwood rather than laminate because 1. we like real wood and laminate is not real wood but 2. real hardwood (the solid board kind) has to be nailed down and we have concrete beneath our feet. Ah! A compromise! We chose the Canadian company because we know where the wood comes from (yes, even if we can’t remember what kind of wood it is. shut up) and that it’s grown in a sustainable fashion and because they had the nicest product. Also, it was on sale back in August.

Trombone spent the weekend working on his walking speed. He is full-on toddling around, sneaking up behind you and biting your thigh (hopefully a short-lived, teething-related stage). He has also developed serious dependencies on his “Papa” and “Wannanonna” (my father and mother, respectively.) We suck; they rule; the end.

He dropped onto the new floor and set off immediately for the nest of cables and cords at the back of the room. He hasn’t tumbled yet but there’s also nothing on the floor for him to tumble over yet. All the interesting stuff is still upstairs.

The catt is very much undecided.

We watched Ratatouille last night. I recall reading a lot of seriously glowing reviews of this movie and now that I’ve checked out the user comments at IMDb, I see I am in the minority – I thought it was the worst Pixar offering I have ever seen.

As always, the animation was gorgeous. Breathtaking. I loved the music. I loved the concept. But then the story just didn’t pan out. It felt really contrived and predictable. Worse – the characters didn’t appeal to me. What? I know! I usually love the characters in a Pixar film. Even (especially?) the shorts – they make the bird or the alien or whatever just reach out and grab you by the heart. But the rats? I did not love any of the rats. I did not care what happened to anybody in this movie. I felt like I was watching (pretty good, for Disney) shlock.

Anyone else? Was I just tired and cranky and I should watch it again in a year? What did I miss? IMDb says it’s “a film-lover’s film” so maybe I don’t love films?

Oh and here are some pictures.

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