…and, We’re Done!

edited to add: This was meant to be posted yesterday, nov 11, but the Internet at my folks’ house is a capricious beastie so you get it today. Strangely, now that there is a WIND STORM 2007 OMG PONIES! the Internet works fine.

So yeah, lamest long weekend of blogging ever.

Partly it’s because the computer is in the baby’s room. Partly it’s because the internet out in North Burnaby is as sporadic as the bus service in New Westminster. Partly, of course, it is because I am a big slacker. Oh and did I mention molars? I meant to. Trombone woke up at 4:05 this morning, cried on and off for an hour – I think there was some sleeping in there, too – and then was up for the day at 5. 5. 5 am. Jammin’ on the 5. Gordon Campbell on a pogo stick. I am beginning to actively fear stat holidays where once I anticipated them with Christmas-like glee. Don’t have time to link to all my posts about holiday hell at the moment but trust me when I say I should have known something was going awry in my life when I got strep throat every year for my birthday as a kid. In grade 9 English we called that Foreshadowing.

Enough about me and my whiny badself! SA just called and said the floors are done. He got up the same time as me this morning and then spent the day doing manual labour (as opposed to listening to Baby Einstein’s Greatest Hits 14 times, which is mental labour of a special kind) and he is a goddamn hero. Tomorrow we get to go home and admire fondly our new 250 square feet of maple? Or oak? Flooring? We ordered it the last week of August, the same day I found out I was pregnant, so I don’t actually remember what it is. All I remember is, that day was hot and we drove to Surrey.

Don’t worry, we will take pictures before we start scratching the hell out of it.

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