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More Tigger! Less Eeyore!

I was nursing the baby and thinking about months. I’ve heard a lot of talk about how November is a terrible month but I have always loved November. Even this past November. I did love it. It was fine. The … Continue reading

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Hey good news! Everyone who commented on my last post gets a prize! ONE FULL DAY with Fresco! I figure after 2 weeks I will want him in my house again. Can’t think of a new way to phrase this. … Continue reading

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You Know It’s The Wrong Time of Your Life to Write A Novel When

1:15 pm: Read stories to Trombone. Hug him. Kiss him. Cover him with a quilt. Take Fresco to other room. 1:30 pm: Fresco asleep. Come downstairs. 1:33 pm: Drink glass of water. Open novel document. 1:35 pm: Type seven words. … Continue reading

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Rain: 1, Cheesefairy: 0

OK Rain, you win this round. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy as to throw on my gum boots and my waterproof jacket, tuck the bairns into their wee slots in the buggy and toss a rain … Continue reading

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What Up?

Events since my last post, in approximate chronological order: – I was all achy and fluey and capped off Wednesday night by having to go to bed at 8:30 A MERE HALF AN HOUR into America’s Next Top Circus Sideshow … Continue reading

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