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Because Self-Therapy is Free

If you search my blog for “loud” you get a handful of returned entries, 90% of which are about Fresco. Also, they are dated one per month, roughly around the 20th of each month. So this is a bit early … Continue reading

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More Tigger! Less Eeyore!

I was nursing the baby and thinking about months. I’ve heard a lot of talk about how November is a terrible month but I have always loved November. Even this past November. I did love it. It was fine. The … Continue reading

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The Good Day

I had a massage today. It took me 6 months but I finally remembered to check my extended health benefits, get a doctor’s note, make an appointment and go. Yes, this is the average time expended on things I WANT, … Continue reading

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My Midlife Crisis Handbag

Let me tell you about my new purse. It is glossy red like a 45-year-old’s convertible. Exactly as shiny and red as cherry pie filling. Like raspberry lip gloss with a handle. I was out looking for shoes, as is … Continue reading

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You Know the Jeans are The Wrong Cut When

I remember a time before low-rise jeans. It was high school, I think. Pants came up to my waist, my real waist, and I wore a belt to keep them there because my waist was a smaller circumference than my … Continue reading

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