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Oh, RIGHT! Or: November is Almost Over

It occurs to me that the last thing I said about the novel I was writing was that I was going to keep writing it. A few days later, I stopped. I reached 15,000-odd words. I was really chugging along. … Continue reading

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You Know It’s The Wrong Time of Your Life to Write A Novel When

1:15 pm: Read stories to Trombone. Hug him. Kiss him. Cover him with a quilt. Take Fresco to other room. 1:30 pm: Fresco asleep. Come downstairs. 1:33 pm: Drink glass of water. Open novel document. 1:35 pm: Type seven words. … Continue reading

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Over breakfast this morning I indulged in some idle chat with my older son. “What should we get Daddy for Christmas?” I asked. He thought for a while. “A rattle,” he said, finally. “A rattle?” “Yes. He would like that.” … Continue reading

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Rain: 1, Cheesefairy: 0

OK Rain, you win this round. I should have known it wouldn’t be so easy as to throw on my gum boots and my waterproof jacket, tuck the bairns into their wee slots in the buggy and toss a rain … Continue reading

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Technical Jackassery and the Creative Process

This is how I like to write a blog post: Have idea. Type frantically to capture idea. Add hyperlinks, if relevant. Re-read. Re-write. Re-read. Re-write. Delete. Add. Delete. Post. I hope that didn’t ruin the magic for anyone. Some of … Continue reading

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