Cranky Rides Again

Elections make me cranky. Our Federal election is next week, a civic election sometime in November, I have no idea when, but I will be checking my excellent community papers for details. Next year is our chance to get our Dear Premier Gordo out of office – not that I think it will happen because you can’t vote NOT for someone, you can only vote FOR someone and there ain’t nobody else to vote for, provincially. Sorry Carole James. You have the charisma of a green bean in December and that is not going to get you the job.

Our current Prime Minister, Stephen Joseph Harper, has a particular kind of charisma. It doesn’t appeal to me, but it must to some. He remade himself years ago into the public face he is now. I think he’s smarmy as hell – except for his Lego man hair, which amuses me – hate what he stands for and wouldn’t vote for him if the choice was vote for him or perform illicit acts with him, that’s how much I believe in him not being in office, but he has made himself into a person who appeals to both his sizable market and to the occasional drifter. He made himself into Prime Ministerial Material and (enough) Canadians bought it.

I suspect they will again. More’s the pity.

Based on my highly scientific neighbourhood lawn sign polling, I am pretty sure our riding will stay nice and lefty, which pleases me, and the rest of the country I can’t control so I think I will go learn more about the civic election. The Mizzle has some hilarious councilors. I watch them every Monday on the cable access channel.

* Has anyone else who listens to the CBC Radio One / AM / Whatever noticed that they are only running ads for Ujjal Dosanjh? They play their little “we are obliged to carry political advertising” message and then every galldarned time it’s an ad for Ujji-D. This seems wrong to me. Also I am tired of it. I want to hear another ad.

* Every time I go to Safeway I am assaulted by pink ribbons, pink inflatable ribbon balloons and an offer to round up my bill and donate the balance to breast cancer research. I am starting to suspect we’ve all been had and the cure for cancer was discovered 10 years ago but they are hiding it in a cave somewhere and spending all our donation dollars on their insane casino debts. Seriously. With the amount of money sourced for “beating” it, breast cancer should be bleeding to death in a dark alley right about now.

* I wasn’t going to write about the excrement of my children but I am annoyed beyond belief by their habits of pooping while they sleep, which wakes them up. Junior, every day at 4 am with the pooping. Senior, every day between 6:30 and 7. I’m not saying they shouldn’t wake up; I doubt I could sleep through pooping either, but I sure wish the poop would let them sleep till 8 and come around at a reasonable, convenient hour. When do we learn Poop O’Clock, anyway? Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

* The cat, who has the run of the couch, the bed, the stairs and the rocking chair, has decided the best place to sleep is on the change table, the only cat-hair-free surface. God I hate cats.

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