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Three From Today

The Role of the Civil Servant in Tonight’s Performance Will be Played by: Trombone! Trombone: Goodbye mummy. (runs to the other end of the house and sits in front of the front door) Me: Goodbye. Where are you going? Trombone: … Continue reading

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Three Posts I Didn’t Post But Saved and then Compiled Here

Friday original title: “It’s Friday. Whatever That Means” This guy at work, one of those good old boys who always has a shoulder-clap at the ready and who does that thing where he points at you and says “Heyyyy” like … Continue reading

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Thursday Random Three

1. Locally (perhaps nationally): All manner of ice cream on sale at Safeway. Make haste. 2. For two years I have been watching “Scrubs,” once one of the funniest series on TV, sink like a poop-encrusted stone and tonight, with … Continue reading

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Two Things

1. Thanks, all, for your understanding and supportive comments. 2. Sorry about the grade-12-free-verse-poetry style towards the end of that last entry. I copied & pasted out of a word processor and there was formatting I was unaware of. If … Continue reading

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Things that Made My Day Happier

Boss: We should do something for [crazy, leaving! employee] Co-worker: WE is too many people. YOU do something. Stoned kid on bus: Woah, what’s YOUR costume? Guy in normal clothes: I got bit by a wolf spider. Wanna see? Stoned … Continue reading

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