Two Things

1. Thanks, all, for your understanding and supportive comments.

2. Sorry about the grade-12-free-verse-poetry style towards the end of that last entry. I copied & pasted out of a word processor and there was formatting I was unaware of. If I had been trying to go all free-verse-poetry style (and you KNOW it’s not beyond me to do that) I would have chosen more significant line breaks.

OK, three things. Yay, now I know what to tag this with!

3. I saw the following vanity plate on a small, non-descript car yesterday: Ron Ltd. There was this little guy driving, he was probably about 40 and he could barely see over the steering wheel, but he gave me one of those “Heyyyyyyy baby” smiles and the idea of a guy named RON who considers himself so important as to be LTD (or perhaps was just using it as the abbreviation for “limited” but this is not my experience with short men, even short men named Ron, of which I have known two, believe it or not) was hysteria-making to me. It made me laugh so hard I very nearly delivered petite hippo right there on the street.

Dammit, 4 things.

4. Thanks, mo-wo, for remembering that I referred to this babe as a hippo because it is ever so appropriate (even more so than before as – guess what? I am still growing!) and I think the nickname is going to stick.

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