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Humbled by So-Called “LITE” Workout, Local Woman Goes Back to Bed for a Month

As mentioned in my last post, I bought a month’s pass for the nearby community centre. This entitles me to a) unlimited pool trips and b) unlimited fitness classes. POWER YOGA, the brochure screams, STEP AND SCULPT. CORE PILATES. I … Continue reading

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Big Sloppy Shane Kisses to You All

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Top 40 Music is Dead Like My Heart

I woke up miserable and just got miserabler. Turned on the radio and it’s all Olympic Preparations and International Olympic Committee Scolds YogaPant Company for being Smarter than Them and Police Clear Other Police of Wrongdoing and Our Government is … Continue reading

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Book Reports

You can tell things are looking up, time, sleep and parenting-wise, because I read an entire book and a half in two weeks. Wow. I remember a time, not long ago, when it would take me a full month to … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Fun

Those of you who follow my every move on twitter or facebook (all of you, right?) know that I tried a different parenting tactic today. I tried being as crazy as fuck, just like my kids, to see how that … Continue reading

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