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Performance Anxiety

My left eye is twitching. It has been twitching for days. I woke up this morning with a headache that felt like a hangover; connected somehow to my stomach, making me feel nauseated at both the thought of food and … Continue reading

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I like things in threes. When I am reading children’s books and they don’t keep to the rule of three, I get upset. Maybe there isn’t a rule of three. Maybe it’s my rule and no one keeps to it … Continue reading

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My Eyeballs Might Fall Out Soon But I’m Happy

After last week’s April Manifesto, I carried on living my life for two whole days of healthy, happy madness, and then licked a bad shopping cart or something because Monday morning I woke up feeling distinctly like truck goo. 24 … Continue reading

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The Scottish Nation is Not Mean. It is Careful.

Fresco and I were browsing at Value Village today in between getting groceries and picking Trombone at school. Done with looking at toys, we meandered to the front of the store and a book caught my eye. “Brush Up Your … Continue reading

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And So Tonight

Light gleaming off the floor, sweet vanilla smell drifting from the oven, the kitchen appliances offering a background hum to the quick stuttering dialogue of the old movie SA is watching. I recently got mad at a book for giving … Continue reading

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