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Typing with Two Hands for Five Minutes Equals One Special Treat

This Tuesday morning, a steady drizzle has lately become heavier and the sky is getting darker. Against the sky, the trees seem a particularly bright shade of green. That was lightning. And that was thunder. Ha! The cat is scared. … Continue reading

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The Reason This Blog Has A Category Called “Ew”

I looked at my referral logs today and noted that the following search string had led someone to my site: “infant welts on legs below diaper elastic.” Strange I thought, I have not blogged about the baby’s skin issues. OR … Continue reading

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A Shooting Star Across the Sky

We live near a large park and equally near to a community centre. Most of the people I pass on the street in a day are runners. Tight pants, tank tops, music players, ponytails, puffed out cheeks like fish: running. … Continue reading

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Thursday Random Three

1. Locally (perhaps nationally): All manner of ice cream on sale at Safeway. Make haste. 2. For two years I have been watching “Scrubs,” once one of the funniest series on TV, sink like a poop-encrusted stone and tonight, with … Continue reading

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In Which She Finally Comprehends the “Point of No Return”

I was reading ask moxie today and the the topic was parenting two children; this woman who has a 3-year old and a 6-week old is wondering when it’s going to get hard because so far it’s smooth sailing. Hooray … Continue reading

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