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Pardon Our Mess While We Work To Serve You Better!

I remember when I started messing around on the web. There were Saturday mornings when I would just sit, drink coffee and fiddle with my website. Did you know I have a website, not just this blog? It’s true. I … Continue reading

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Emergency Cookies!

I found myself at a new food-concerned blog today, called everybody likes sandwiches and I was happily scrolling through lots of delicious recipes when I saw a link to an oatmeal cookie recipe. So I followed. It was a post … Continue reading

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Technical Jackassery and the Creative Process

This is how I like to write a blog post: Have idea. Type frantically to capture idea. Add hyperlinks, if relevant. Re-read. Re-write. Re-read. Re-write. Delete. Add. Delete. Post. I hope that didn’t ruin the magic for anyone. Some of … Continue reading

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The Value of Time, or, The Difference Two Years Makes

Is it like this the more children you have? You just constantly wonder what the hell you were doing all the time when you had no kids / just one kid / just two kids / just 16 kids? Luckily … Continue reading

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Who Says The Second Kid Doesn’t Get As Many Photo Opportunities?

Like Miss Tyra would say, “I had to go through ROLLS of FABULOUS FILM to pick the BEST P-HOTO of you! You are really FIERCE in this one! It reminds me of ME!”

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