Emergency Cookies!

I found myself at a new food-concerned blog today, called everybody likes sandwiches and I was happily scrolling through lots of delicious recipes when I saw a link to an oatmeal cookie recipe. So I followed. It was a post from 2006 and the oatmeal cookie recipe was in honour of that night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. And there I was, reading it ON ANTM NIGHT. What could I do? Trombone thought he’d died & gone to heaven. “Oh, I LIKE cookies,” he affirmed as he stole chunks of butter while my back was turned. (the recipe calls for canola oil and claims it’s just as good as butter but I actually didn’t have any canola oil OH WELL) Excellent recipe. Delicious.

So go, do it. It’ll take you 20 minutes. Make oatmeal cookies and eat them while you laugh at the supermodel wannabes who can’t eat oatmeal cookies because they are afraid to eat. Especially eat them while you watch the supermodel wannabes pose for some wretched semi-submerged under water “smile with your eyes” photos.

Hey, over here. COOKIES.

The End.

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