Saint of the Day

You know how sometimes you see those paragraphs in the classified section of the newspaper, “Dear Saint Jude, thanks for your help, you rule” (I paraphrase & intend not to offend any of my Catholic readers) well it just occurred to me there should be a place like this to give thanks to one’s babies for good – or at least passable – behavior.

I realized a few minutes ago that I have no trouble cursing my wee children and can get quite creative in my efforts but I often forget to thank them. Especially the non-verbal one.

So for favours granted (in this case, Fresco staying asleep during the day for two hours and counting – a personal best!) I would like to publicly thank the patron saint of Mothers Who Just Want An Hour to Themselves.

I don’t know who that is.

I looked at the American Catholic website and checked for patron saints of babies (not so much), children (nah) and the saint of the day – today it’s Saint Elzear and Blessed Delphina, the only Franciscan couple to be formally canonized and check this: “After [Elzear] married Delphina, she informed him that she had made a vow of perpetual virginity; that same night he did the same” BURN! – and then looked under “mothers” and was stunned to note that Saint Monica, patron saint of mothers, is also the patron saint of alcoholics.

Don’t worry. I’m fine.

I guess the saint of the day, then, is Fresco. Thanks Fresco. Big ups to you.

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