Pardon Our Mess While We Work To Serve You Better!

I remember when I started messing around on the web. There were Saturday mornings when I would just sit, drink coffee and fiddle with my website. Did you know I have a website, not just this blog? It’s true. I built it all myself. 10 years ago. It makes me cringe. It is not quite old enough to be the cute equivalent of a grade three art project, all construction paper hearts and flowers glued to a sheet of card stock. When Trombone gets at a computer in two years and builds his own website he will probably destroy mine on principle. Anyway, after a couple of years playing at website I moved on to blogging in wordpress and then I had to start messing around with CSS, an exercise in Extreme Misery if I ever saw one. I am the kind of person who has to use something pretty much constantly for it to sink in. I learn by doing and doing and doing and doing and doing. Only four iterations of doing is not enough. It has to be five. By the time I got to the blog part of my web development development, I was far more interested in the part that went into the blog, not that part that made the blog look a certain way. So I would happily spend three hours writing a post but spending three hours trying to get the goddamn images to line up the way I goddamn wanted to, well, I was not interested in that. To say the least. Thus began my slippery descent back into n00b.

Blogging killed the web design star!

Now I’ve decided I want to change the theme of the blog and I started looking at different wordpress themes and I like a bunch but none is perfect, of course, they all need a bit of tweaking and now not only do I not have the muscles to use for tweaking, I do not have the hours at a time to build up those muscles again, nor do I have the time to fiddle diddle diddle all the day. This is the most time I have had at a stretch in quite a while and it’s only because I am down one child and gave the other one a big margarita to get him to sleep for an hour, please & thanks.

Lime. He likes lime, if you’re buying.

It’s a longwinded way of saying that I know you are shocked that the lovely blue sky / green grass theme is gone and now you are reading this in the “Back In Black 2” theme and you feel like you just got punted down a dark alley without so much as a by-your-leave and maybe the white text on black background is making your brain hurt and I’m sorry. But I needed to switch themes and this one was already downloaded so I just switched to it, easy peasy. When I have the permissions to do so, I will be either modifying this theme to suit me or going to another theme. (A lot of the wordpress themes I like are in German. Interesting.)

What I like about this theme: the tabs at the top taking care of the blogroll, archives, etc. The cleanliness.
What I don’t like: white on black. The image & lack of title.

What do you like or not like?

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