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You Know the Jeans are The Wrong Cut When

I remember a time before low-rise jeans. It was high school, I think. Pants came up to my waist, my real waist, and I wore a belt to keep them there because my waist was a smaller circumference than my … Continue reading

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Time Life Presents: The Toddler Years

Pardon me. I am a little crankier than usual today. Trombone got up at 6 am and has been acting like a real twit ever since. Thankfully I was up before him, writing in my sanity journal. This might just … Continue reading

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Post 1099 Has No Title

As part of the eternal quest for ME TIME, I went out today in search of a nice little salon where I could get my hair highlighted. I seem to have this bad habit of coming up with random schemes … Continue reading

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Have a Bagel, Emo Kid

So I have a cold / flu, right? Day 4 now of the second such viral plague in 3 weeks. Happy. Mostly I’m just happy the small children are breathing better. SA is heavily medicated for his lingering dry cough … Continue reading

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Blood Friday

No, I am not bleeding. But monkeypants shares her story of first blood here as inspired by this hilarious post by supersecretvault. (I don’t know her so I don’t feel comfortable calling her by her first name, lest I risk … Continue reading

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