Have a Bagel, Emo Kid

So I have a cold / flu, right? Day 4 now of the second such viral plague in 3 weeks. Happy. Mostly I’m just happy the small children are breathing better. SA is heavily medicated for his lingering dry cough and I know I’ll be better soon. But for one irritating detail: I have lost my sense of smell. Since yesterday morning I am scent and taste free. While this presents advantages in the care-of-small-children arena (think poop) it presents definite disadvantages w/r/t one of my remaining, reliable pleasures in life. Food. Because no matter what else happens in a day (and a lot can happen in a day) at least I can eat something delicious from time to time, right? At least there’s chocolate.

WRONG The mouth-feel on the Green & Black’s is good but it’s no substitute for, y’know, actual chocolate flavour.

Damn this is burning me up. It’s Saturday and I want to order some version of delicious delivery food (Mizzle style!) for dinner but not, repeat, NOT if I can’t taste it.

Instead of continuing to whine to SA, whose tolerance for such constant sorrow as I am offering up is necessarily limited at the moment and because I am a modern (pronounced “Modren,” like in Mr. Roboto) woman, I google “sense of taste cold” in the hopes someone can give me advice on how to get my flavours back. And I get to this site and I giggle and then I notice the url is “emofree” and I giggle harder and then I share with you.

It’s a site about EFT or “Emotional Freedom Techniques.” I did not delve into the site. I don’t have time. Also I don’t want to know what it means, because I enjoy not knowing. Not knowing makes paragraphs like this even more amusing:

EFT often brings relief that seems like a miracle. But a “one minute wonder” I keep marveling at is reclaiming my sense of taste when it disappears due to a cold or flu.

Now the fact is, I’m usually able to tap away symptoms of a cold or flu, but the one time I couldn’t, and the cold plagued me for a week or more, I was STILL able to tap and reclaim my sense of taste within 2 rounds of tapping. Great magic trick! I used the phrase:

Even though my sense of taste has disappeared… I might have also used: Even though I can’t taste my food…

So I am going to spend the rest of the day tapping my forehead with a small rubber mallet while thinking positively about my emotional attachment to food. This is my “for dummies, didn’t read the manual” version of EFT. If it works and I get my flavours back, watch this ‘blog tomorrow for a new manifesto. It if doesn’t, the scream you hear will be me eating jalapeno chips by the fistful because at least I can taste spicy and salt.

PS: The video of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is playing as I type this and it is NOT HELPING.

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