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I started writing this this morning while drinking coffee and thinking about how much I prefer snot to puke. Did you think that said “not to puke”? That is the first fundamental truth: I prefer NOT to puke. But if … Continue reading

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My Eyeballs Might Fall Out Soon But I’m Happy

After last week’s April Manifesto, I carried on living my life for two whole days of healthy, happy madness, and then licked a bad shopping cart or something because Monday morning I woke up feeling distinctly like truck goo. 24 … Continue reading

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Weed Whacking

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t write here for a week. It feels like a deserted back yard, all snarled with weeds and long grass. Here is a true story from yesterday. *** In the Doctor’s Office Waiting … Continue reading

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Today we are having a wind storm. We were supposed to have one last week, too, but it didn’t pan out. The news has been panicking itself with warnings. I don’t really listen. The weather happens, or it doesn’t. I … Continue reading

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Tea, 2009

I can’t reach my prompt book. It’s over there. And I’m over here. I got hit with some kind of virus last night and now I am lying here in my soft bed, aching, thankful that there is no more … Continue reading

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