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Just Like A Vacation

You know that Blue Rodeo song? It’s pretty, isn’t it. When I used to work out of the home, I took vacations very rarely. In part, because the days before the vacation were so whirlwind, chock-filled with tasks and lists … Continue reading

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Words: You’re Doing Them Wrong

I grabbed the New Westminster NewsLeader yesterday and skimmed through it while I ate lunch. I have made an uneasy peace with the free, local papers; they are, after all, free and community-driven and occasionally informative (though local blog Tenth … Continue reading

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Ms. Judgy Rides Again

I am generally lax and non-judgmental about other peoples’ parenting choices.* I don’t care if you circumcise bottle feed go to McDonald’s cry it out co-sleep till age 5 breastfeed till age 6 or are secretly drinking your kid’s college … Continue reading

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A Jerk is A Jerk, No Matter How Famous

People who hold positions of power are assholes. They may hold those positions for many reasons: merit, cheating, nepotism, luck. But it is rare to see a person in power who deserves the power and associated privileges he or she … Continue reading

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Top 40 Music is Dead Like My Heart

I woke up miserable and just got miserabler. Turned on the radio and it’s all Olympic Preparations and International Olympic Committee Scolds YogaPant Company for being Smarter than Them and Police Clear Other Police of Wrongdoing and Our Government is … Continue reading

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