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It’s About Breasts

I am a fool. You bet. I thought I could just waltz into a department store, boobs in hand (so to speak) and pick up a nice new nursing bra. Why? Why would you go to a department store? You … Continue reading

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A Nod to Our Sponsors

Anne Lamott Last week sometime I positively devoured a book by her called “Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.” It had the peculiar effect of making me want to write. But not in an old-school, “I will … Continue reading

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Some Things Funny and Other Things Dull

Yesterday we went for a walk without mittens for young Master. Quite a few blocks passed with Trombone mentioning, offhand, “Mittens…mittens….mittens…Mamanonna…mittens,” implying that his grandmother never forgets the mittens when she takes him for a walk and really, I could … Continue reading

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Stay-Ups: A Review

It is now February and winter shows no signs of abating (though Saint Aardvark’s parents have returned to Ontario this morning so perhaps our normal, mild winter is waiting in the wings? I mean after the current slush fest is … Continue reading

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Must Start Carrying Camera EVERYWHERE

I went to Value Village today in search of muumuus with which to wrap my considerable girth. The last time I went to Value Village I discovered they actually had a maternity section, albeit a small one filled with size … Continue reading

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