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More Clothes & Junk

Did I ever tell you guys that I love the word “junk” as a euphemism for genitals? No? True. Co-worker A used to use it all the time and then a couple of weeks ago Saint Aardvark was telling me … Continue reading

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Shiver Me Timbers

Red letter night; the size – what, 8? – “full figured” Whitney won America’s Next Top Model tonight. Hoorah! But I think the best part of the show for me was when Tyra, reviewing the photos where the contestants posed … Continue reading

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Quick, Gouge my Eyes Out.

I hate the Vancouver Sun. I hate its politics, I hate its simplification of things complex, I hate its letters section, which sometimes includes a photograph of the letter-writer, I hate its cover photos and headlines. OK, you got me: … Continue reading

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The 13th Circle of Hell

In the wasteland of television programming that is a weekday afternoon, this afternoon I came across the country music video station. I stopped at this channel because the woman with the big white hat, Terri Clark – the reason I … Continue reading

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My Bad Habits: Some Preliminary Thoughts

I referred to someone, a stranger, as a “cockwad” the other day. Sunday. It was Sunday. It was an unpleasant day, for the most part, for many reasons. Though it snowed heartily and I claim to love the snow, I … Continue reading

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