Shiver Me Timbers

Red letter night; the size – what, 8? – “full figured” Whitney won America’s Next Top Model tonight. Hoorah! But I think the best part of the show for me was when Tyra, reviewing the photos where the contestants posed in a puddle of water, said, “Oh, it’s Cletus the Fetus!” and then made a grunting noise and a popping noise and said, “Look, it’s my baby!”


Miss Tyra?

Miss All-Knowing, All-Holy, All-Everything Tyra?

You are fucking nuts.

Now I have to go to bed because Saint Aardvark and I agreed this morning that we would stop being stupid and acting like we don’t have two children with vastly different schedules. We’ve been staying up till 11 every night saying “we can sleep tomorrow” no actually we can’t, we can NEVER SLEEP AGAIN so I must hie away but before I do, I needed to share my brilliant idea.

OK so you know how there’s the blogosphere (this is disputed in some circles, ahem, like in my brain where that is the stupidest fucking term)? And you know how there are mommybloggers god help us I also really detest that term – another post for another day. Well today I decided that the place where the mommybloggers (and daddybloggers too, to be fair) do their bloggging? Should be called the SPROGOSPHERE! Ha! Right?

The Cheeseblog: Because if you hate the bastardization of language, you should totally participate in it!

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