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A Man of Innumerable Talents Turns 38 Today

He is unfailingly generous, one of the funniest people I have ever met, smarter than a red felt riding hat and sweet like that moment you exhale all the jive and inhale all the love. But that won’t stop me … Continue reading

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A year is an incredibly long time. Trombone is constantly asking how long things are, unmeasurable and unexplainable things like time and distance and whatever I answer he says, “oh that’s a long time.” For example, last week, “When is … Continue reading

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Five Days In December

Five days off is the perfect amount. Could every weekend be five days? That would be so great. Because it takes one day to freak out about routines changing. The kids freak out, I freak out, SA freaks out. Then … Continue reading

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Go: Everybody!

It’s November. Did you know that? I only know because the calendar features largely in our day; Trombone is always asking what day it is, what month it is, is it time to go Trick or Treating again, is it … Continue reading

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In 24 hours, I will be the sole parent in this house. Saint Aardvark is going away for a week and I will be outnumbered by children. If you break it down, of course, I am usually outnumbered by children. … Continue reading

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