Go: Everybody!

It’s November. Did you know that? I only know because the calendar features largely in our day; Trombone is always asking what day it is, what month it is, is it time to go Trick or Treating again, is it time to change the monkey yet?

Our wall calendar is a sock monkey calendar, you see. So every month there is a different monkey.

I kind of like: “Is it time for a new monkey?” as a random question that you might hear around our house. Not that we don’t have plenty of random questions for the overhearing.

Anyway, it’s November which means:

Mister Dymund’s birthday
Tom Waits in my head for a whole month
– The tree outside my living room window sheds its leaves.

and also for those of creative persuasions:

National Novel Writing Month
National Blog Posting Month

Oh it’s official all right. Don’t you scorn it.

All these people whose writing I love who rarely post are now posting every day and like a greedy, greedy piggo, I am lapping it all up.

  • NoPantsIsland is writing a November novel and working on some other writing and posting the contents of her fascinating head every day.
  • Monkeypants is working something like 17 jobs and taking transit and posting her hilarious and beautiful observations every day.
  • GeckoBloggle is growing a moustache and cycling really far and raising children and going to work and posting the best stream-of-how’s-yer-computer-doing-I-love-stuff-and-hate-other-stuff every day.
  • Elswhere is working for a more literate society and raising her circus girl and has a cold right now but is still posting her very funny and often poignant thoughts every day.
  • Schmutzie, who is hardly a slouch in the posting department anyway, is posting every day, writing a novel, running grace in small things, not smoking, writing at Mamapop, participating in Mondo Beyondo and for all I know fixing old motorcycles in her spare time.
  • And of course my own Saint Aardvark has posted every day he’s been away, which is nice because talking on the phone is not for us and also he is a fantastic, vastly under-appreciated writer. Living under my shadow as he does (TIC) (that’s for tongue-in-cheek, I’m coining it). He will probably stop posting every day when he gets home because the children will require his attention, so enjoy him while you can.

You people are amazing. Go on with your bad selves.

(What amazing thing are you doing? It can be anything. I would love to cheer you on. Leave a comment & let us know!)

This post brought to you by the cup of coffee I have consumed while the children continue sleeping well past their usual wake up time of 5:45 am. Coffee and morning solitude? I haz not had since 2005, I’m pretty sure.

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