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I’m Everywhere You Want To Be

I made a couple of fatal errors in my vacation plan: 1. Switching hotels for the third night of my stay. Originally we planned 2 nights of solitude for me and then 3 nights with Saint Aardvark (how’s that for … Continue reading

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Women = People. Cougars = Animals.

I had blocked out of my head the fact that there is a TV comedy called “Cougar Town” premiering tonight. I am sure it will be hi-fucking-larious. Then this afternoon it was brought to my attention that Jian Gomeshi was … Continue reading

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In Which I am A Shoe-In

I have always wanted to be made over. I believe it stems from two places: too many teen magazines growing up and a cautious approach to self-styling. I buy a lot of jeans and vee neck tee shirts and admire … Continue reading

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Ten Splendid Things About Fall

Hey, you might love summer so much you are weeping into your chardonnay right now because the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have suddenly gone all crayon-box on us. But I also know at least some of you love … Continue reading

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What Happened Next

I chose: – desk & bedroom – to work on the novel, when I have a surface to write on (which is now, yay!) – any day now, running, as soon as I find the digital watch with the timer … Continue reading

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