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Gather Yer Snowballs While Ye May

The bad thing about West Coast snow is: before every snowfall we get 3 days of SNOW WARNINGS. Accumulation estimates go from 5 – 20 – 75 cms. People freak out. Then it snows and buses get stuck on hills … Continue reading

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Marketing Genius Targets Suburban Mother, Scores Direct Hit

We gave Trombone a copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for Christmas. It’s a bit wordy but he gets the gist and has asked to hear it a few times. I was hoping it … Continue reading

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It’s Not Paranoia If, Etc.

Toddler plays with cluster of ribbons. At some point in the playing, cat eats some ribbon. While toddler naps, cat suddenly starts heaving green, ribbony puke on the floor while I watch in horror, remembering something about cats and ribbon … Continue reading

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I am a Wild Party

I have cupcake frosting in my hair. What’s for dinner is cooking from its frozen state in the oven. Tentatively I sip at a glass of wine, hoping Fresco sleeps till at least midnight. Not that I will still be … Continue reading

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Around the Corner And Down the Way

“We’re coming,” I told my mom on the phone Wednesday morning. Snow dumping from the sky, incessant. Children running madly around the house, cabin-fevered after days of impassable sidewalks. “OK,” she said, “Your father is worried you won’t make it … Continue reading

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