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Why Did You Start Your Blog?

Today I am cribbing from the WordPress project, post a day, for my topic. Why did you start your blog? I started my blog because I already had a website. Why did I start my website? The history of torturedpotato.com … Continue reading

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Tea, 2009

I can’t reach my prompt book. It’s over there. And I’m over here. I got hit with some kind of virus last night and now I am lying here in my soft bed, aching, thankful that there is no more … Continue reading

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When I was twelve years old, I got to move to the upstairs bedroom in my house. Expo ’86 had come to town and we had so many visitors from out of town, we needed my bedroom, which was actually … Continue reading

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Today’s BED11 prompt is thanks to Joanna. What one decision (voluntary or involuntary) changed your life the most? In other words, what did you do or not do that led you on this path in life? Joanna should really know … Continue reading

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Remembering the Strip Mall, Now Fenced For Destruction

There used to be a children’s consignment store there, all wooden animals and spinning tops made of tin and racks of clothes at the back and I would go in with you, when there was only one of you, and … Continue reading

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