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Women = People. Cougars = Animals.

I had blocked out of my head the fact that there is a TV comedy called “Cougar Town” premiering tonight. I am sure it will be hi-fucking-larious. Then this afternoon it was brought to my attention that Jian Gomeshi was … Continue reading

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I’m So Over It

Yesterday I was melancholy. It was raining and cold and at first I was melancholy because we were going to the beach for a week and while YES it is fun to play on the beach whether or not it … Continue reading

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(Plural, scamola. A scam of high degree.) So, if you are curious to hear what Saint Aardvark sounds like, his video exposay of the Tonka Flashlight Force Light Command Dump Truck is here at Youtube. In the store, the flashlight … Continue reading

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Dear Neighbours

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a bitter little post about the lack of considerate, snow-clearing home owners in our neighbourhood. I moderated my criticism somewhat by acknowledging that some people might be of an age or ability that shoveling … Continue reading

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